1970s Decade Jar


The 60s had started a culture of independent thought. Independent thought brought with it a social revolution that the 70s would build on and change the way we live. The emancipation of women was a key feature of this revolution, helped by the affordability of the microwave and washing machine (which occupied 64% of homes). While all this was going on another revolution was slowly gathering momentum, not yet noticed by the masses but as a background rumble foretelling of massive technological change: the computer and email were on their way.

Perfect gift to send to family and friends, packed full with favourites, there’s something for everyone!

  • ABC Letters 100g
  • Anglo Bubbly
  • Black Jacks x2
  • Candy Sticks
  • Cherry Wheels x7
  • Cola Cubes 100g
  • Curly Wurly
  • Drumstick Lolly
  • Fish and Chips 100g
  • Fizz Whiz
  • Flying Saucers x3
  • Foam Shrimps 50g
  • Fruit Salads x2
  • Jargonelle Pears x4
  • Lemon Bonbons 100g
  • Love Hearts
  • Milk Gums 100g
  • Rainbow Drops
  • Sherbet Fountain
  • Skittles 100g
  • Sweet Peanuts x4

Contents may vary slightly due to availability.

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