1980s Decade Jar


The 80s dawned with a new ruthless “survival of the fittest” mentality and so retro boiled sweets continued to be marginalised while jellies, foams and chewies grew in popularity and sprouted new exotic variations. The 70s had seen the traditional boiled sweet lose its dominance in the sweetie world as manufacturers met growing demand for different sweetie tastes and textures.

Perfect gift to send to family and friends, packed full with favourites, there’s something for everyone!

Black Jacks x2 • Bumper Bananas x7 • Candy Necklace • Candy Stick box • Dracula Teeth 100g Drumstick Lolly • Fish n Chips 100g • Popping Candy • Fizzy Cola 100g • Flying Saucers x3 • Pint pots 100g • Skittles 100g • Traffic Light Lolly • Wham Bar • Wonka Nerds • Fruit Salads x2
Juicy Lips 100g • Chewits Mushrooms 75g • History leaflet

Contents may vary slightly due to availability.

Contains colours & flavouring: may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. May contain milk, gluten, wheat, soya, nuts, sesame seeds.


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