1990s Decade Jar


Sweets provide us with a comfort zone of predictability and sameness because at the end of the day the raw material does not change. However, that does not mean that there can’t be a massive range and after years of gentle tweaking and the subtle adding of trace ingredients the 90s arrived with an astonishing array of sweetie gems twinkling on our sweetie shelves. All the oldies still existed but new textures and flavours provided strong competition. The 80s had seen the rise of the fizzy jelly and American imports and there lay the ground work for the sweets of the 1990s. The sweetie world was continuing on its dynamic path of constant change and this was reflected in the politics and entertainment of the time.

Perfect gift to send to family and friends, packed full with favourites, there’s something for everyone!

Contents may vary slightly due to availability:

Bumper Bananas x6 • Cola Bottles 100g • Fizz Wiz • Fizzy Mix 100g • Giant Strawbs 100g • Chocolate Frogs 100g • Jelly Belly Beans 100g • Dolphins 100g • Yellow Belly • Millions • Rainbow Drops • Wham Bar • Nerds • Sherbet Lemons x5 • History leaflet.

Contains colours & flavouring: may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.
May contain milk, gluten, wheat, soya, nuts, sesame seeds.


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