Noughties Decade Jar


Sweets evolve and those lining the shelves in the Noughties were a far cry from those of 60 years earlier. In the 40s hard boiled sweets, liquorice, sherbet and maybe the odd jelly bean was as good as it got, a limited range and due to wartime rationing  a limited supply. Boileds continued but had had their heyday. Jellies and imports steadily rose throughout the latter half of the 20th century and the Millennium marked the point of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. There were to be subtle changes to our sweetie collection but it would take more than Y2K to threaten the longevity of the astonishing array of sweeties that the 20th century

Perfect gift to send to family and friends, packed full with favourites, there’s something for everyone!

  • Yellow Belly Snake x1
  • Millions
  • Jelly Bellies 100g
  • Fizzy Bubble Bottles 100g
  • Giant Strawberries 100g
  • Fizzy Belts 80g
  • Chocolate Frogs 100g
  • Gourmet lolly (sour)
  • Vimto Bonbons
  • Flying Saucers x3
  • Candy Necklace
  • Brain Licker
  • Vimto Bar
  • Rainbow Drops
  • Toxic Waste Sludge Bar
  • Sherbet Lemons x4
  • Sour Refresher Bar

Contents may vary slightly due to availability.

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