Twenty Tens Decade Jar


The Tens decade arrived perching on the edge of a technological takeover. The Noughties had seen a steady increase of technology infiltrating our homes and headspace and by 2010 and there was no going back. It was to get extreme … and then seem surprisingly normal. ‘Extreme’ sums up the decade; extreme in everything: sweets, cakes, politics, climate change, engineering, smart phones, social media and selfies.

Perfect gift to send to family and friends, packed full with favourites, there’s something for everyone!

  • Rainbow belts 80g
  • Vegetarian Pick and mix 100g
  • Vanilla fudge 100g
  • Curly Wurly x1
  • Wham bar x1
  • Funny money x1
  • Wonka nerds x1
  • Mini strawberry pencils 100g
  • Dracula teeth 100g
  • Airhead x1
  • Toxic waste nuke sludge bar x1
  • Sour raspberry bonbons 100g
  • Blue Gourmet lolly x1
  • Rhubarb and custard x5
  • Jolly rancher x8
  • Vimto bar x1
  • Mega sours x2 with warning label
  • History leaflet

Contents may vary slightly due to availability.

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