Edible Photo Prints and Cake Toppers


We can help you make your cakes unique with delicious edible photo prints and cake toppers!

Email your image or photo to us at info@hopscotchsweets.co.uk. Please call us to confirm that we have received it and check that we have understood your requirements. We do not check our mail all the time, particularly when busy, therefore calling is always a good idea.


We use A4 edible fondant sheets to print on and can mask your image to any size up to 8″ square or round.

If you are sending fully prepared artwork and your design is landscape please leave a 10mm margin to the left and if it is portrait then please add a 10mm margin at the top. This space is used by the leading edge of the backing sheet as it feeds through our printer.

We can easily work with PDF, JPG, PNG and MS Office formats. PDF and JPG preferred.

The higher the resolution the better (150 dpi or even 300 dpi). For Microsoft Word documents please save as PDF to lock your design in place.

If you would like to add writing to the image, please let us know.

You can apply the sheets with a little moisture to the fondant roll out on your cakes for a personalised and professional finish. Either apply a fine mist or use a small brush or kitchen paper towel to dampen.

  • Football logos
  • Cartoon characters
  • Old photos
  • Magazine Covers
  • Manuscripts
  • Newspapers
  • Corporate logos
  • Product launches

You receive your edible print on a plastic backing in a zip bag and stiff board backed envelope. Usually you will need to allow overnight before collecting it. The print will stay fresh for a month or two.


Edible Photo Prints and Cake Toppers are charged at £9.99 for the first print. For duplicate prints or if there is no work required to prepare the print or there is just a simple name change to one of our stock images then there will be a reduction in cost to £6.99.

Please note, to keep your costs down we do not supply proofs. If proofs are required there is an extra £10 charge. Whilst we will do our best, as we are working with fondant sugar and edible inks we cannot guarantee colour matching. We cannot reproduce or match metallic effects such as gold and silver.

If you have other requirements please feel free to discuss them with us.