1940s Ration Jar


The 1940’s were a time of austerity with the Second World War and Rationing. The sweets that were available were in short supply and flavours and textures were limited to those available here in the UK. READ MORE …


  • Aniseed Balls 100g
  • Barley Sugar 50g
  • Chocolate Beans 100g
  • Edinburgh Rock 100g
  • Fruit Gums 100g
  • Jelly Beans 100g
  • Koff Candy Twist 50g
  • Lemon Crystal (Kali) 70g
  • Pontefract Cakes 100g
  • Mint Humbugs 50g
  • Old English Toffee 50g
  • Pear Drops 50g
  • Sherbet Fountain
  • Sherbet Pips 100g
  • Traffic Light Lolly
  • Mini History Booklet

Contents may vary subject to availability. Contains colours & flavouring: may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.
May contain milk, gluten, wheat, soya, nuts.

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Weight 1000 g